Businesses are being affected by ever-increasing change and the capability for a company to innovate itself and the market it serves is more relevant now than ever. But change does not happen by itself. It must be induced, pushed and managed in ways that inspire the organization to see the benefits of the new future you wish to realize. Googol Innovation Academy’s mission is to assist you in doing this!

Googol Innovation Academy is aimed at all who operate in this reality. It is for you who want to see a shift from talking about the importance of innovation to acting, making innovation a practical and impactful effort in your company or division. You also recognize that innovation is a capability that can be learnt to accomplish excellence.

Googol Innovation Academy is a management education academy for managers, leaders and practitioners. The academy aims at delivering modules and programs that are focused on topics critical for developing innovation capabilities. The training will focus heavily on action learning through workshops and group discussions as well as the completion of cases connected to participants’ home companies.

All aimed at turning theoretical knowledge into practical experience. Innovation is an area undergoing a very rapid development. The program is deliberately selected to be broad and relevant for all parts of a company.

We have therefore excluded the specifics of: Corporate Venturing, Open Innovation, IP & Brand Protection, Branding, Innovation Metrics, Organizing for Innovation and Innovation Change, just to mention a few. However, it is our intension to, in the future build additional complementary programs within the field of innovation.Googol Innovation Academy faculty and staff consist of people who have a broad experience in innovation and innovation management. We think that the best people to teach this topic are the ones who have practical experience from doing it. Our ambition is to create a network of innovation leaders that will continue to meet and support each other in their development.

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