Googol Innovation Academy takes place in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden on 6 occasions for january to june, spring 2013.

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The Modules

1. The Innovative Mind

This 2-day module is adopts a “learning by doing” approach and is highly interactive. From the seeds of ideas, grows shoots of reality. Inspiring culture change and mindsets to support Innovation. Read more »

2. Idea Management

Ideas are a prerequisite for all types of innovation. During this 2-day module we will reveal the secrets of how ideas can be generated in a new and creative way and how to select the interesting from the not-so-interesting ideas. Read more »

3. Innovation Leadership

This module is 2 day long, and will explore how leadership will effect innovation, based on the premises of corporate culture. Read more »

4. Innovation Architecture

The module is run over 2 full days, with the afternoon of the second day set aside for teams to work on their home company assignment. Read more »

5. Business Model Innovation & Experimentation

The module is run over 2 full days, each with a specific topic. The first day will focus on how to innovate across all elements of a business model while the second day will emphasize piloting your business model through experimentation. Read more »

6. Innovation Portfolio Management & Examination

The challenge of how to best manage a portfolio of innovations has never been more difficult, and is still as crucial as ever to realize your company’s strategy. Googol’s approach is to take away complexity and yet be holistic in managing the portfolio; resulting in one that is more aligned to strategy. Read more »

Your completed application provides you the following

  • Practice innovation in real business situations.
  • See innovation in a broader and more impactful context than product development, e.g. new business models, customer value propositions and sustainable differentiation.
  • Create pipelines of opportunities and actions that build towards aspirational targets for the company, supporting strategic purpose.
  • Understand the impact of personalities, systems, processes and leadership actions in motivating, empowering and engaging employees across an organization in innovation and design initiatives that can impact their immediate area of responsibility.
  • Initiate and drive change processes that reaches upwards and downwards in the organization with the objective to strengthening innovation capability and remove blockages for innovation.

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Innovation Academy Participant Profile

Innovation should originate from all parts of a company and therefore program participants should ideally represent a diversity of functional areas and levels such as management, administration, human resources, business development, R&D, marketing, sales, finance, product and/or concept development and manufacturing. We hope the participants will come from a variety of areas, resulting in diverse experiences and reflections on innovation, broadening the total scope and providing a strong platform for dialogue and exchange of experience.

We aspire to have teams of 2-4 participants from each company, since this will generate a bigger impact for the home company. This ensures cross-functional cooperation required to implement home company assignments and is often the start of a stronger collaboration between these functions. However, single participants are also urged to apply.

Googol Innovation Academy Cost

Our aim is to provide you a full-service, end-to-end experience unlike any education you’ve ever attended—and to do it at a cost that’s affordable.

The tuition fee is €13.200 per participant + VAT and includes all program material and food during the modules. Travel and accommodation are not included.

Attendees are welcome from all parts of the world.


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Questions? You can email with any academy-related questions or call +46 (0)706 674 976 to speak to our Program Director Bo Olsson.

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