Impactful learning for managers and practitioners seeking to develop skills and gain practical tools for how to make innovation happen in their organization.



Participants, prepare yourself to jump ahead! For companies to survive in the discontinuous markets of today they must face the reality of continuous and fundamental changes in who they are, what they do and how they do it.

So why are so many companies struggling with innovation when there is clearly so much expectations and demand for novelty? And why are the people of these companies challenged to imagine how to create surprising, interesting and innovative products and services?

The reality is that when you focus on beating your competitors you end up in fierce and consuming competition with them but when you focus on innovation you make them irrelevant. Now is the opportunity to learn how to become the benchmark in innovation.


You will be developed into a “Master of Innovation” who knows which steps to take.

You will get a broad overview of innovation, from idea generation to experimentation of business models, as well as how to manage your innovation portfolio.


You will take part in a team-based action learning program, spanning 6 months. Where learning’s will be applied on a home company assignment.

You will participate in 6 modules, each lasting 2 days, and you will study material, perform company related tasks and answer a set of questions to control your learning, before each module.

During the modules you will work in teams to apply your learning on the cases and share learning across the team.


Below is a summary of the different modules.

Module 1: The Innovative Mind
Module 2: Idea Management
Module 3: Innovation Leadership
Module 4: Innovation Architecture  
Module 5: Business Model Innovation & Experimentation 
Module 6: Innovation Portfolio Management, Examination & Certification

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