By attending the Master of Innovation program participants will acquire the skills and tools required to designand implement innovation initiatives to realize new business opportunities.

More specifically the program will provide tools, frameworks and examples that help participating companies and managers to:

  • Practice innovation in real business situations
  • See innovation in a broader and more impactful context than product development, e.g. new business models, customer value propositions and sustainable differentiation
  • Create pipelines of opportunities and actions that build towards aspirational targets for the company, supporting strategic purpose
  • Understand the impact of personalities, systems, processes and leadership actions in motivating, empowering and engaging employees across an organization in innovation and design initiatives that can impact their immediate area of responsibility.
  • Initiate and drive change processes that reaches upwards and downwards in the organization with the objective to strengthening innovation capability and remove blockages for innovation

Participants will complete a Home Company Assignment that will deliver direct value to the sponsoring company in the form of tangible solutions and action plans to resolve a real challenge or realize a concrete business opportunity. Teams will receive tutoring and coaching from program management during and in between modules to support, stretch and challenge the teams’ work, optimizing the value for the sponsoring company.

After the conclusion of the final exam participants will receive a Diploma as a proof of successful completion of the program.

Throughout the program, participants will get opportunities to learn from and network with peers from other companies, widening their professional network to serve as a platform for lifelong learning and support.

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