We have selected a group of experienced practitioners with experience from innovation and innovation management from both Swedish and international companies. We believe that the best ones to teach this topic are the people who have experience from doing it. Our ambition is to create a network of innovation leaders that will continue to meet and support each other in their development. To support this we will arrange for an annual reunion with the participants of each program.
[hr] Bo Olsson

Bo Olsson

Program Director

Bo is the Director of Innovation and Safety at IKEM- Innovation and Chemical Industries in Sweden. In addition of having 34 years of innovation experience, Bo has an extensive leadership background since 1979, as Manager, Director and Vice President at AkzoNobel Surface Chemistry and AstraZeneca. In 2008 he was appointed Manager of the Year at AstraZeneca in Södertälje. He has worked both in Manufacturing and R&D Environments. He was one of the 3 founders of The Industrial Association for Process Safety in Sweden and has been the Chair of the Industrial Association for Crystallization Research and Development at The Royal Institute of Technology for more than 25 years. Under his Leadership Innovative Processes for the Manufacturing of Losec, Nexium, Brilinta, Pulmicort, Bricanyl, Plendil etc has been developed.

E-mail: bo.olsson@innovationacademy.se  | Cell: +46(0)70-667 49 76

[hr] Sven Andrén

Sven Andrén

Sven has 35 years of innovation experiences within the international packaging leader Tetra Pak.

He has worked as Vice President of R&D in Lund, Sweden and has held other top management positions within Tetra Pak.

Just recently he developed and launched a new innovation program throughout the Tetra Pak Global organization, as well as outside Tetra Pak. This program focus on the early elements of the innovation process with the aim of strengthening both the individual and the organizational capability and creativity plus providing the tools and methods to excel in this critical stage of the innovation process.

He has also a number of patents in the field of packaging.

E-mail: sven.andren@innovationacademy.se | Cell: +46(0) 76-627 60 63

[hr] Peter Lindquist

Peter Lindquist

Peter is a management consultant and brings 25 years of innovation experience. He works with developing new business opportunities primarily through changing company culture to become truly innovative.

He has previously worked as Director Head of Department and Culture Change Lead at AstraZeneca, where he recently led and designed the culture transformation to support innovation across global R&D units.

He holds several patents and designs. Peter has also been an international keynote speaker around efficiency and effectiveness through people commitment and engagement.

His motto is; Everyone should whistle and sing when going to work.

E-mail: peter.lindquist@innovationacademy.se  | Cell: +46(0) 70-312 00 72

[hr] Jan Sandqvist

Jan Sandqvist

Jan specializes in structured idea management, often working with groups in creative workshops, Jan contributes with skills regarding all parts of the idea process. Prior to joining Googols team of business developers he was the founder and driving force of rinendo working with clients as different as Vattenfall and the Red cross.

Jan holds a bachelor’s degree in communications and has also studied cinema history and theory, astronomy, spanish, rhetoric and mathematics. He nurtures his own creativity as a photographer, if you’re interested you can check out some of his work here www.flameboy.se.

E-mail: jan.sandqvist@innovationacademy.se | Cell: +46(0)70-555 59 11

[hr] Joachim Cronquist

Joachim Cronquist

As a founder of several companies, in a wide range of industries including it, health care and media production, as well as an author of a best-selling book, Joachim has sound experience as an entrepreneur and business leader. He is an articulate and confident team-builder, able to motivate and communicate to achieve exceptional business performance. Joachim holds an MSc in business administration and a BA in statistics from Stockholm university. Consequently, he is considered a major source of innovation and change in any organization.


E-mail: joachim.cronquist@innovationacademy.se | Cell: +46(0) 761-65 74 00


Robert Svanberg

Robert has more than 25 years experience in management of innovation. He started his career in the biotech/pharmaceutical companies Pharmacia and KabiVitrum but after 6 years he moved to the food business. He has been the Managing Director for both Cerealia FoU AB and Arla FoU AB and lately Global Innovation Director at Arla Foods after the merger with the Danish MD Foods. He has also held similar positions in Pripps and Kungsörnen. With a good theoretical platform and long practical experience he knows what is takes to drive good ideas successfully to the market place. Robert focuses now on value driven innovation processes with a strategic perspective. While the product development process refers to ”do the projects right”, portfolio management addresses the issue of ”do the right projects”. All this is encompassed in Innovation Portfolio Management which is his field of work at Googol. Robert holds a MSc in chemistry from KTH in Stockholm and a PhD in chemistry from Imperial College in London.

E-mail: robert.svanberg@innovationacademy.se | Cell: +46(0) 70 603 3214

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