idea-managementIdeas are a prerequisite for all types of innovation. During this 2-day module we will reveal the secrets of how ideas can be generated in a new and creative way and how to select the interesting from the not-so-interesting ideas. This can also be the basis for a new way of interacting within teams, management or projects, to more effectively solve issues and find new opportunities for your business.


The ability to generate enough ideas on the correct subject will always be a prerequisite for successful innovation. The knowledge on how to generate, select and further develop these ideas will separate the leaders from the followers.


We are all born creative but a lot of barriers during our early years prevent us from unleashing that potential, but there is hope…

We will introduce a number of new tools and methods that trigger the brain to effectively generate, select and develop ideas that can take your business to the next level.

We will also give tips on how to enhance your own creativity and understand how you can influence your team to come up with more creative and better solutions to the issues of the present and future.


By applying the tools and methods on your own company’s cases, the power of these tools and methods will be presented and demonstrated. You will also realize the importance of selecting “brains” in the team to get the end result.


Jan Sandqvist

Jan Sandqvist

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