innovation-architectureThe module is run over 2 full days, with the afternoon of the second day set aside for teams to work on their home company assignment.


While you want your innovation efforts to be as broad as possible, so as not to miss out on opportunities, it needs to be focused enough for initiatives to actually get realized. We will resolve this paradox of innovation.


We will introduce the concept of strategic architecture (SA) as a way to define the 3 or 4 vectors along which a company seeks to transform its business model. A SA creates a transparent model for what future you wish to develop for your own company, market and customers.

A clear and challenging strategy is not enough to win in today’s markets where change is happening faster than ever before. Participants will explore how leaders and organizations can build resilience to change.


Participants will learn frameworks and tools by exploring real cases in preparation for the module and practicing in workshops and discussions during the module. After the module, participants will be asked to apply this new learning and its tools on the home company assignment project, thus incorporating their learning into their business.

Jan Sandqvist

Jan Sandqvist

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