The overall aim of the program is to develop skills that can be applied directly into the participant’s daily work. The modules therefore, focus on applying and reflecting on theory rather than delivering theory. Participants need to study and make initial reflections on pre-reading material in preparation for each module. Participants will be required to submit answers to a number of questions and reflections to the faculty for evaluation.


During modules participants will be engaged in workshops with colleagues from their own company and peers from other participating companies. The workshops are aimed at exploring frameworks and tools that represent the specific context of innovation discussed in each module.

Home Company Assignment (HCA)

Each participant (individuals or teams from same company) will be required to identify a challenge or opportunity related to innovation for the company or division, in collaboration with a home company sponsor. Participants will work on this project as part of the training with the objective to present a final conclusion and plan of action at the program graduation. The HCA will thus be used as a platform on which participants will test and apply new learning and at the same time deliver tangible value to the home company.

Home Company Sponsor

Each participant or team will be required to identify a home company sponsor. This person will be the receiver of the HCA and will support the participant during the program. The sponsor will be invited to the final exam.

Final Exam

As part of module 6, participants (individuals or teams) will go through an exam. To be rewarded a Diploma they will have to have accomplished the following: successfully complete pre-reading questions; present a finalized HCA to faculty and home company sponsor; complete a personal reflection on how the participant as an individual has evolved and developed as a leader or manager as a result of the program and how that will reflect in their work going forward.


The program will be conducted in English.

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