innovative-mindThis 2-day module is adopts a “learning by doing” approach and is highly interactive.

From the seeds of ideas, grows shoots of reality. Inspiring culture change and mindsets to support Innovation.

What are the mindsets of an innovator? How can you, through the way you think and behave, create an effective innovation culture? You will get a hands-on experience of how different mindsets feel. You will explore the mindsets that block or enable innovation in your own organization and discuss effective ways to change mindsets. You will play and learn!


The highest leverage point to improve business performance is Culture. It undergirds an organization, enabling the execution of its strategy, the achievement of its goals and the fulfillment of its mission.

An unplanned culture traps people into destructive patterns of thought, feelings and behaviors while a deliberately-planned culture empowers people, transforming these destructive patterns into constructive attitudes and skills.


Understand that exceptional sustainable results come from integrating:

  • The impersonal “It” dimension:  achieve your goal, pursue your vision and fulfill your mission.
  • The interpersonal  “We” dimension:  Create a community in which all people feel included empowered and enabled to contribute at their best.
  • The personal “I” dimension: people are enthusiastically committed to a shared vision, have the skills to pursue it, and become fulfilled human beings because of it.


In engaging workshops, you will recognize that everyone is an innovator, but people, yourself included, are not utilizing all innovation dimensions. Understand your personal and colleagues’ hurdles and make conscious choices on how to drive innovation through curiosity and courage.


Jan Sandqvist

Jan Sandqvist

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